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  • 2021 Shanghai International Bicycle Exhibition Fair

    The 30th China International Bicycle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China Exhibition") will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong) from May 5 to 8, 2021 with the theme of "Win-win Cooperation between Internal and External Maintenance".This year's China Exhibition will se

  • Alibaba September purchase festival live broadcast

    Alibaba September purchase festival live broadcastThis is our first time live broadcast,

  • 2020 Changzhou Cross-border Trade Summit

    Since the beginning of the year, the outbreak of coVID-19 has blocked the global offline foreign trade channels, while the rapid development of global e-commerce has led to a new outbreak of overseas cross-border e-commerce. Against this background, Alibaba International Site will make full use of t

  • After the coronavirus, the demand for bicycles increased, and the inventory increase.

    After the virus, more and more people realize that getting around by bike is more convenient and faster, avoiding the contact of crowds and traffic jams.

  • Visiting Indian cooperative enterprises

    There is an old saying in China that "knowing oneself and knowing one another, not fighting in a hundred battles" is to persuade young people to learn more about the strengths of other people so that they can know what they lack and what they need to learn.

  • The 125th Canton fair opens in GuangZhou

    Every April, Guangzhou Pazhou is very lively.People of different skin colors and different ages gather here to conduct export trade negotiations.The 125th Canton Fair, which opened on the 15th, attracted more than 25,000 domestic and foreign companies to participate.

  • The 29th China International Bicycle Exhibition in 2019

    The 29th China International Bicycle Exhibition in 2019 was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from May 6th to 9th. With the theme of “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Development”, this exhibition will showcase the new trends in the development of bicycle products today

  • Visit to WD Battery Intelligence Technology (Kunshan) Co , Ltd.

    “Keep learning,keep improving”is always considered as our basic theory .To make the deep study of electric bike,we visit a company who are struggling to make best battery of electric bike.

  • The 124th Canton fair opens in GuangZhou

    The 124th Canton fair opens in GuangZhou on the 15th Oct.

  • Lighter than electric bike,electric-assistance bike leading the way

    Many people say that on the road, driving too fast, walking too slowly, riding a bicycle is just right. Enjoy the beauty along the way and feel the gentle breeze through your face. Nowadays, cycling has become a fashionable outdoor sport. However, for most white people who have no cycling experience

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