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Visit to WD Battery Intelligence Technology (Kunshan) Co , Ltd.

Views: 142     Author: Jessi Zhang     Publish Time: 2018-12-13      Origin: Site

“Keep learning,keep improving”is always considered as our basic theory .To make the deep study of electric bike,we visit a company who are struggling to make best battery of electric bike.


Battery,it is known as the one of the most important parts of the electric bike.It is related with the recharge mileage.At past,the lead-acid batteries were used widely because of its low cost  and large capacity.However,for a longtime practise,it was replaced by lithium battery.Compared with the traditional battery,lithium battery is more environmental and lighter and longer using time.


WD Battery Intelligence Technology (Kunshan) Co , Ltd.,is comitted to do a research of battery .The CEO Lucus was ever the technician in this industry for many years .He took us to visit his pruducing workshop.For one-day study,we all knew that a high quality battery was complex that it should be chosed strictly ,combined tightly and welded carefully and so on.


After one-day study,we will make a  new recommendation solution for some clients In terms of the ebikes' battery.