Jay President 

Personnel Profile: I have been engaged in the foreign trade industry for 10 years.I Mainly responsible for the e-bike market in America.
Concentrate  on developing customers and after-sales service.
Lead the team for the purpose of cooperation and mutual benefit.
Call number : 0086 18651937968
Sam General Manager

Personnel Profile: Transferring to foreign trade industry for years.I Mainly responsible for the e-bike market in Europe.
After years of hard work and exploration,I I have mastered comprehensive and professional knowledge.
I am  the company's technical instructor and focus on the product innovation in reform.
Call number : 0086 15295166199
Cathy Sales 

Personnel Profile: I have engaged in the e-bike industry for 6 years.I Mainly responsible for Asian market.
I Mainly responsible for the company's sales and participated in many exhibitions.There are fixed customer orders in the Asian market.
Call number : 0086 18551386085
Cindy Sales 

I am professional in e-bike sales  for 3 years. The main duties I have is developing customers use media tool such as e-mail or alibaba or made in
China and so on .
Call number : 0086 15906112723
Jessi Sales 

I have been in the electric bicycle industry for 2 years since I graduated. In the long-term study, the industry has a specific understanding. My main responsibility is for the company's website planning and background management, as well as the most comprehensive customer maintenance.
Call number : 0086 13515260266
Emma Sales 

My specialty is to develop customers and maintain customers. Under the long-term practice of 3 years, I have maintained good relations with customers from different regions. Good communication skills allow me to understand the most practical needs of customers at the first time on international exhibitions and online platforms.
Call number : 0086 18994990668
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