CRUISER MINI is a comfortable retro electric bicycle with 17.5Ah LG battery, suitable for long-distance riding. The 750W/ 1000W Bafang REAR MOTOR brings strong power to riding. A tribute to the design of Harley motorcycle, this is so cool for you who like to ride. It is street legal in the United States and Europe and does not require a license or registration
CRUISER is a comfortable luxury electric bike with 26*4.0'' fat tires, with aluminum alloy frame and a fully adjustable suspension fork. and super bright retro big headlight. this bike is very big, perfect suitable for tall people.
FANTAS CAMEL-R is a sports-style electric bike designed for adventurous explorers. The rear drive 750W motor has super power, tailor-made for you who pursue speed. The extra-large diameter tires provide greater traction (whether in mud or snow) and superior climbing ability. The front fork has a good shock absorber effect. It is like walking on the gravel road and can bring rich riding fun in the rugged forest road. It is very suitable for off-road adventure.
1. Provide customized service. 2. Foldable easy to carry.Powerful. 3. CE EN15194 EMC TUV ROHS UL SGS GS qualifications. 4. We have our own warehouse and after-sale service company in the Italy and the USA
ROCKET is an electric mountain bicycle with Bafang M600, suitable for mountain riding. Rockshoc front fork and rear shock. Really cool! Come and get it.