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2020 Changzhou Cross-border Trade Summit

Views: 1425     Author: Bella Gu     Publish Time: 2020-08-14      Origin: Site

Since the beginning of the year, the outbreak of coVID-19 has blocked the global offline foreign trade channels, while the rapid development of global e-commerce has led to a new outbreak of overseas cross-border e-commerce. Against this background, Alibaba International Site will make full use of the digital cross-border trade capacity accumulated in the past 20 years, upgrade the digital core products and a series of enterprise support measures, build the online exhibition live broadcast and short video flow scene, help enterprises to break through the global market online, and seize the new opportunities in the post-epidemic era!

13:00 on August 13, 2020, we held in changzhou buckingham jenn-air hotel "exhibition sail out to sea, Sue shang pilot" changzhou optimal business summit, help business full coverage of the procurement section of new rules and new train of thought, especially in the online exhibition and a short video broadcast, share the benchmark case, mining business growth points, win more new business opportunities!

Alibaba International station project team welcome your arrival, we and all foreign trade, with the heart of the world, the creation of the industry never!