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Lighter than electric bike,electric-assistance bike leading the way

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Many people say that on the road, driving too fast, walking too slowly, riding a bicycle is just right. Enjoy the beauty along the way and feel the gentle breeze through your face. Nowadays, cycling has become a fashionable outdoor sport. However, for most white people who have no cycling experience and physical reserves, they want to step into this threshold and keep up with the rhythm of riding large units. A long way to go, many people choose to give up at this time. Then, is there a kind of cycling sports equipment that not only retains the fun of riding sports, but also plays a certain exercise and fitness effect, and allows ordinary people to adapt to a certain intensity of riding rhythm?


 At this year's Shanghai International Bicycle Show, the reporter found a bicycle company in Shenzhen called a double-speed trip. They brought electric bicycles to solve this pain point. The staff of the double-speed travel told the reporter that the electric assist bicycle adds a power assist system to the traditional bicycle, monitors the current state of the rider through multiple high-precision induction devices, and controls the motor to give just the right power assistance, thereby reducing The physical burden of the rider in long-distance, weight-bearing, climbing and other scenes, so that ordinary people can enjoy the fun of riding.网站主图thanos

Traditional bicycles are driven by humans. Will it increase the fun of the power system to lose riding? In fact, although the battery motor is added, the power system only increases the force of stepping on the person's legs. When riding, people still ride on the car instead of pulling the car, which guarantees a certain amount of exercise and does not cause too much physical burden. Just like at the Shanghai International Bike Show, a 60-year-old rider says riding a two-speed electric bike can help you find a young and strong feeling. You don't have to worry about dragging your legs with the club rider. With this artifact, I can ride for another 20 years.Chinese companies seize the speed of European and American markets with the power of swords.

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